Friday, June 5, 2009

181 - the image of Mother Fatima (as)

Imam Hassan Askari (a.s) reported that his Fathers quoted Jabir Ibn Abdullah as saying:

"Rahmatallil Aalameen Muhammad (s.a.w.w) said:

'When Allah created Adam and Eve, they strutted through paradise and said:

'Who are better than we?'

At that moment they noticed an image of a girl like they had never seen before; from this girl came an illuminating light so bright that it almost blinded the eyes. They said:

'O Lord, what is this?'

Lord answered:

'This is the image of Fatima, the mistress of your women descendants.'

Adam asked:

'What is this crown on her head?'

Allah, the Lord said:

'Her husband Ali.'

Adam then asked:

'What are her two earrings?'

Allah replied:

'Her (two) sons, they were ordained in My ever-existent knowledge two thousand years before I created you."

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