Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A letter from Imam Khomeini to Mikhail Gorbachev

With lots of curiosity, the international media,
a few months after Imam Khomeini's decision to accept
the resolution to stop the war with Iraq,
circulated the news of a high-ranking
Iranian delegation arriving in Moscow,
with a letter from Imam Khomeini
to the head of the Soviet Union,
Mikhail Gorbachev.

"We arrived in the Soviet Union in
the evening and we slept a tough night there.
Our meeting with Gorbachev was in the next morning.
He was very eager to know the content of the Imam's letter"

There was an international desire
to know the content of the letter,
and the Americans sought to examine its content,
and expectations focused on Iran officially asking
the Soviet Union for helping it in the reconstruction process
and the re-arming of the Iranian army after the war stopped.

This was what Gorbachev and
the Soviet leadership also expected,
but what happened surprised everyone.

Imam Khomeini's letter to Gorbachev :

His Excellency Mr. Gorbachev,
Chief of the Higher Council of
the Soviet Socialist Republics Union:

The major problem of your country
does not lie in ownership, economy and freedom,
but in the lack of real faith in Allah,
and in your long and futile (useless) battle against Allah,
the Creator of existence and life.

It is evident for everybody that the search
for Communism must be directed from now on
toward the museum of international political history!

As for why?
It is because
Marxism does not fulfill any of man's real need.

Because it is materialsm
and it is impossible
to save humanity with materialsm.

The Chinese leader directed
the first strike to communism,
and here you are directing
the second strike
and it seems it will be a knock-out.

In our current and modern world,
there is no more such thing as communism.

But I ask you to be aware
not to fall in the West's prison,
while you break down the wall of
Marxism' illusion.

I ask you to study Islam
with scrutiny and seriousness.

Not because Islam and Muslims need you,
but for the high values of Islam and
for its characteristic of comprehensiveness
in such a manner that it can be

a means of comfort and salvation to the peoples
and a means to solve all political crises
from which mankind is suffering.

Peace be upon those
follow the right guidance.

The Iranian delegation returned to Tehran,
and the reply of the Soviet leadership on
the letter of Imam Khomeini was late,
and finally after two months,
the Soviet Foreign Minister, Edward Shevardnadze
arrived in Tehran with a reply on the letter.

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