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Makna Sabda Nabi Saw: "...dan Aku dari Husain"

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Every day is ASHURA and every land is KARBALA

“ Indeed I am leaving with you Two weighty things (Tsaqalain),
If you adhere to them both, you will never go astray after me,
the Book of Allah (Al Quran), and my Itrah, my Ahlul Bait)
The Last Prophet Muhammad (PBUH & HP)

Muharram is a month in which bloodshed was considered
unlawful by the pre-Islamic pagan Arabs, but our blood was shed in this month.
Our sanctity was violated; our children function (a,c){switch(a){case al:return qo;case Xk:return Po;default:return Hk+c}}amp; women were made captives. 
Our tents were set ablaze; whatever was found therein was looted.
And they did not even honor the relation, which we share with the Prophet of Allāh (S).
The day on which Imām Husayn (a) was martyred has injured our eyes;
our tears are constantly flowing since then.
Our dear ones were dishonored on the plains of grief and trials (Karbala)
making way for sorrows and sufferings until Qiyāmah (the Day of Resurrection).
Thus, sorrowful people should mourn over it (the martyrdom of Imām Husayn),
for weeping upon it nullifies the major sins.”
Imam Ali Ridha (PBUH)

Kulu yaumi Ashura wa kulu ardi Karbala
Every day is Ashura and every land is Karbala

PBUH = Peace Be Upon Him/Her.    
PBUT = Peace Be Upon Them.    
PBUH & HP = Peace Be Upon Him & His Progeny


This document was made after research upon the websites, links, blogs, wikipedia, and
after the 17 wirids (17 repentances) known asWirid Al Khidir (WAK.17)
at the right side of this blog site

This is dedicated for our Imam Hussayn (PBUH)
the 3rd Imam of Ahl al Bayt (PBUT)
who made the Greatest Sacrifice, 
on the day of Ashura in the dessert plain of Karbala
as the foundation of everlasting resistances
against the world-capitalistic-tyrannical oppressors,
to build the brotherhood of Nations and Mankind
under Islamic Divine Principles
since the first Prophet Adam (PBUH) until
the last Prophet Muhammad (PBUH & HP) and 
the Reappearance of
Imam Mahdi (PBUH) 
the 12th Imam of Ahl al Bayt

Dua Taught by Imam Mahdi (atf) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1CUjZSsilGc

shall be used as 
a strong and valid reason
to keep the original fair mission of
to continue the resistance of Muslims and People of Freedom
against the oppressors in order to safeguard the sanctity of people
under oppression and slavery,
to rebuild peaceful, fair and mutual relation
among races, ages, and genders of all tribes and nations.                                                          

is an everlasting-divine call to continue the struggle
under the principle of
to raise up against the zionist  (neocons)
who ever where ever they are,
the aggressors, the oppressors, the greed

to stop the dirty-sucking-sweat-and-blood-of PEOPLE,
to stop corrupting PUBLIC’s MONEY,
to stop unfair-coverage PUBLIC MEDIA
controlled by a group of oppressive-cruel neocons in
the followers and the dirty-blood-lines of
Yazid ibn Muawiya ibn Abu Sufyan,
descendants of Pharaohs, ancestors of Zionists regime
who destroy the life of common people, and

The time will come, by the faith and resistance held by the believers,
witnessed by the common people
who will then understand and will also raise up
to support the importance and the urgency of
the Greatest Sacrifice by Imam Hussain ibn Ali (PBUH)
who is not only family-member,
but the Progeny, the purified family-members, 
the Ahl al Bayt, of
The Last Prophet Muhammad (PBUH & HP).

Please share this to everyone
as a reminder upon Rasulullah and Ahl al Bayt (PBUT)
to support “Islamic Revolution” re-introduced by Imam Khomeini
who re-initiate the “Islamic Republic” in Iran since 1979

which will be followed by “Islamic Republic” in other countries
fully inspired by ASHURA in KARBALA
by Imam Hussain (PBUH) for
the “Islamic Ummah, The Greatest One Nation”
currently under The Divine Leadership (Imamate)
of Imam Mahdi (PBUH)
to lead the globalization of

“The Ten Revolutions
in One Revolution”

Mahdi (PBUH),Ten Revolutions in One Revolution http://www.roshd.org/eng/beliefs/index.asp?BEL_CODE=107 

based on

1.   The Greatest Inheritances:
AL Quran function (a,c){switch(a){case al:return qo;case Xk:return Po;default:return Hk+c}}amp; Ahl al Bayt

2.   The Greatest Declarations in GHADIR KHUM

Ghadir, the Greatest Eid of All Religions http://www.roshd.org/eng/beliefs/index.asp?BEL_CODE=100

3.   The Greatest Sacrifices: ASHURA in KARBALA

The Greatest Inheritances:
Al Quran function (a,c){switch(a){case al:return qo;case Xk:return Po;default:return Hk+c}}amp; Ahl al Bayt

Muhammad ibn ‘Abdullāh (PBUH) is a prophet of  الله  (Allāh), the last one of God’s prophets (Qur'an – Al Ahzab 33:40), Seal of the Prophets, and the Restorer of an original monotheistic faith (Islām) by Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus and other prophets.   Peace be upon them (PBUT).

Born in 570 in Mecca, he was an orphan at his early age, grown up by his grand father Abdul Muṭṭalib (PBUH) then followed by his uncle Abu Talib (PBUH).

Before his prophethood, he worked mostly as a merchant and shepherd, and first married by age 25 to Lady Khadijah (PBUH). Discontented with barbaric-pagan life in Mecca, he retreated to a cave named as Hira in the mountain near Mecca. At that time, Mecca was the center of CIA (capitalism, ignorance, arrogance), and the center of pagans of Arabian Peninsula.

At his age of 40, on the 17th day of Ramadan, in a Holy Night, the Night of Qadar,  the first revelation of the Quran was occurred.

Three years later, as the Last Prophet (PBUH), he started to preach these revelations publicly. He once again proclaiming "God is One", hence not even a single ruler can compete, or make substitutes, or is allowed to make an alternate of what had been ordered, or forbidden by Allah, the Only God, thus shall be in “total surrender" to God’s “supremacy of law” as the only way acceptable to God, and he is the God’s last prophet (Rasulullah), similar to other prophets, but he is also the Seal of Prophets.

"Certainly (the Almighty) has conferred a benefit upon the faithful
when he appointed among them a Prophet from themselves,
reciting to them His verses and purifying them, and 
teaching them the Book and the wisdom, 
although they were surely in manifest error before that.”
(Quran, 3:164)

Muhammad Rasulullah (PBUH function (a,c){switch(a){case al:return qo;case Xk:return Po;default:return Hk+c}}amp; HP) was appointed to teach the Quran by living examples, to teach the divine wisdom in order to rescue people from being mislead, like their ancestors. Responses to this divine call were varied, from the beginning of time until the present time:

1.      The 1st group responded in very brutal manner. They set up wars against Rasulullah  (PBUH), thus they devoted themselves to permanent chastisement.

2.      The 2nd group pretended to accept outwardly with the intention to take the benefits from advantages of Islamic law. They are hypocrites whom had not truly believed in the divine messages, therefore devoted themselves to permanent chastisement.

3.      The 3rd group believed in his prophethood inwardly with hearts, but frequently does sins. For these there is hope that will be forgiven by Allah’s compassion.

4.      The 4th group accepted Prophet’s invitation inwardly and outwardly. Pioneered others in performing and increased their righteous deeds every day. Allah has given glad tidings to forgive and place them in heaven, far from chastisement, replace their sins with multiplied good deeds.

5.      The 5th group, similar to the 4th group, also with fully purified souls from bad morals, embellished with good only. Strived to near to Allah, thus He accepted and elevated their position. They are Ahl al Bayt of Rasulullah. They are 14 purified personalities, one hundred percent free from human errors. They are 14 Infallibles. The Ma’shumin. They are Rasulullah Ahl al Bayt (RAB). Peace be upon them.

Some others also achieved monotheism by repentances and recollection (dhikr, or wirid, remembering Allah all the time), spiritual struggle (with carnal soul), and contemplation to purify their hearts and souls from everything except Allah. They went through the way of loving Allah SWT to the extent that they sacrificed everything except Him for His love. They were enamored of meeting Him, so He accepted them and brought them near, removed the veils from their eyes, showed them His beauty, so they could see Him not with their eyes, but with hearts; placed them besides Prophet Muhammad (PBUH function (a,c){switch(a){case al:return qo;case Xk:return Po;default:return Hk+c}}amp; HP) and His Ahlul Bait; they are the preceding ones (Sabiqun), the saints (Moqarraboun), the near companions of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH & HP), and the martyrs.

Anyone who knows Prophet Muhammad (PBUH & HP) and realizes the blessing of His appointment, regards Mab’ath - the day of announcement of Prophet Muhammad’s Mission - very high.  They thank Allah highly for this blessing and ask Allah (SWT) to send peace and blessings (Salawat) on RAB (Rasulullah Ahlul Bait). 

Rasulullah  has only a few followers at his early stage of preaching, and they were put into hostility by some Meccan tribes, especially by Umayah and Abbasiyah tribes.

In response to this, Rasulullah sent some of his followers to Abyssinia before he and the remaining followers moved to Medina in the year of 622. This event, called Hijra, marks the beginning of Islamic-lunar-based calendar, also known as Hijra calendar.

In Mecca and Medina, Rasulullah (PBUH) united the conflicting tribes. After eight years of struggle against the oppression imposed by some arrogant-ignorant Meccan tribes, and after the event of Hudaibyah, the followers were grown rapidly to 10,000, followed then by the event of  the conquest of Mecca which was happened in a totally bloodless way.

In 632, a few months after returning to Medina from Farewell pilgrimage (Hajj Wada) Rasulullah had made the greatest declaration regarding the Leadership for Islamic Ummah, appointed Imam Ali ibn Abu Thalib as his first divine-legitimate successor, and it is perfected by the last verse of the Holy Book, Al Qur’an al Karim. This event was later known as the Greatest Declaration in Ghadir Khum. After this, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH & HP) fell ill and finally martyred due to poison of some Meccan-hypocrite tribes.

Before the demise of Rasulullah, most of the Mecca-Medina tribes in Arabian Peninsula had converted into Islam; enjoyed the UNITED OF NATIONS as “One Islamic Ummah, One Totally Quranic-based Nation, simply called the Nation of Moslem,  or ISLAMIC NATION”.

The Last Prophet, the Seal of Prophets Muhammad left
TWO WEIGHTY things (TSAQALAIN) for mankind:

·         Al Quran, the Holy Book of Allah (SWT), and
·        Ahl ul Bait, the Purified Family-members, the Progenyt

“ Indeed I am leaving with you Two weighty things (Tsaqalain),
If you adhere to them both, you will never go astray after me.
the Book of Allah (Al Quran), and my Itrah, my Ahlul Bait) ”

The Two weighty things, are the two divine sources upheld by sincere scholars, not by hypocrite scholars. The two weighty things will always be the foundation for an “Islamic Ummah, the Greatest One Nation”.

The Greatest Declarations in GHADIR KHUM

On 17th day of Ramadan, in a Holy Night, the Night of Qadar, the first revelation of Quran was occurred, then other revelations followed in different times and events, within 23 years.

On the 18th day of Zulhijjah in the 10th year after Hijra (10 March 632) in a high-temperature and arid dessert plain, the last revelation of Quran was happened, then Quran was fully completed, and it was perfected by Wilayat and Imamate of Ahlul Bait (PBUT) at Ghadir Khum (pond of Ghadir).

After Farewell Pilgrimage (Hajj Wada), the first “declaration in public” regarding Wilayah and Imamah was declared, and the first declaration was perfected by the second declaration, the last Quran revelation. 

Both were occurred at Ghadir Khum.

After the two greatest declarations, the sacred martyrdom of Rasulullah (PBUH) in Medina was happened, a few months later.

After Hajj Wada at the end of 10th year after Hijra, Rasulullah Muhammad delivered a preach known as Farewell Sermon. The sermon was on the 18th day of Zulhijjah.

The two most important content of the sermon:

FIRST, the sacred-divine appointment of Ali ibn Abi Thalib, in front of the public, as his divine-legitimate successor – which was happened for the first time far before this event - that was when Muhammad (PBUH function (a,c){switch(a){case al:return qo;case Xk:return Po;default:return Hk+c}}amp; HP) declared his prophethood and divine mission, in front of his clan of Quraysh, when his followers were only a few. Many scholars narrated that the first female follower is Lady Khadijah (PBUH), the first male followers is Ali Ibn Abu Thalib (PBUH), when his age was only 10 year.

Many years after this “private” declaration, after the Farewell Pilgrimage (Hajj Wada) in the 10th year after Hijra, Muhammad Rasulullah (PBUH & HP) was orderd to ‘declare publicly’ that

 Ali ibn Abi Talib of Ahlul Bait (PBUH) is 
his first-divine successor
his first “Wakil,Washi,Wali” 
based on God’s decree
delivered by angel Gabriel (PBUH)

This event was seen by so many companions, from various tribes. Not all of them are in full agreement with this declaration, although some of them publicly said “congratulations” to Imam Ali ibn Abu Thalib (PBUH). The declaration was seen by male and female, old and new, sincere, doubtful and hypocrite companions, so it becomes an undeniable-and-solid historical-fact, except by ignorant-arrogant people.

SECOND, after such declaration about Imam Ali ibn Abu Thalib (PBUH) in front of the public in a very-high temperature of an arid dessert plain near Ghadir Khum, followed by “congratulations held publicly” by some companions, including Umar ibn Khattab, the last revelation of the Quran was happened,

“Today I have perfected your religion, and 
completed my favours for you and 
chosen Islam as a religion for you.”
(Qur'an 5:3).

This verse, the last verse of Quran refers to the first ‘Greatest Declaration” by Rasulullah Muhammad (PBUH), in accordance to God’s order, which was delivered by Angel Gabriel. The Greatest Declaration had been just declared before many companions - some of them are sincere, some are hypocrites in their acceptance publicly. This declaration widely known as the event of “Ghadir Khum” as it was occurred near the pond of Ghadir, a few times after, the Last Prophet, the Seal of Prophets” in his last journey returning from Ka’aba in Mecca to Medina after his Farewell Pilgrimage (Hajj Wada).

Ghadir, the Greatest Eid of All Religions http://www.roshd.org/eng/beliefs/index.asp?BEL_CODE=100

A few months (about 3 months) after the Two Greatest Declaration, Muhammad Rasulullah (PBUH) fell ill and suffered for several days with severe head pain and weakness.

This martyrdom was occurred at his age of 63, due to poison by hypocrites. His holy burial was held by Imam Ali ibn Abu Thalib and other Ahl al Bayt (PBUT).

After the sacred martyrdom (June 8, 632 CE) of Muhammad (PBUH) - due to the poison by Clan of Umayyah and Abbasiyah, the disagreement broke out publicly, over who would succeed as a
POLITICAL LEADER (CALIPH) of the early Muslim community.

Umar ibn al-Khattab, the one of so many companions of Muhammad (PBUH), who already congratulated Ali ibn Abu Thalib (as), delivered his allegiance (vote), as the first time vote for Abu BakrAfter this, some other companions, not all, also abruptly gave theirs.


They neglected
the “Greatest Declaration” 
in Ghadir Khum a few months ago. 

The negligence and ignorance of some companions, 
by introducing and exercising
“democratic-process” mostly driven by
“fear and worries of not having political power, position, and 
access to the public capital and funds (Baytul Maal) ” 
were the major cause of some companions to give their votes for
Abu Bakr as the first caliph.
in the SAQIFAH, the roofed building, of the SA'IDAT tribe, 
the faction of the banu KHAZRAJ tribe of the city of Medina
in the Hejaz, northwestern Arabia.

This kind of (non-divine) action,
latter had been popularized and called as


(capital-or-weaponry) or
(might only-but-not right)
(Zionistic, Dajjalistic, Non-divine)

which was driven by carnal desires
to get (political-military) power and
access to public wealth (bayt ul maal).
and at the same time
NOT to upheld the DIVINE TRUTH and JUSTICE.

This was the first NON-divine-political result, 
after the martyrdom of Rasulullah Muhammad.

Abu Bakr was elected as the 1st-caliph, based on
the majority-votes 
by some (not all) companions and 
the pressure imposed by the sword of

This process has no basis, or relation, at all to the

“Two Greatest Declarations” 

and the outcome of such “non-divine process”
is NOT from the order of Allah, and 
has no relation at all with all verses of Quran,
and therefore the outcome is against
  • DECREE of Allah at Ghadir Khum, 
  • NUBUWAT (Propethood), 
  • WILAYAT (Mastership) and 
  • IMAMAT (Leadership) of Muhammad, Ali ibn Abu Thalib, the 1st Imam 
  • And other Imams until Imam Mahdi, the 12th Imam of Ahl al Bayt.

The democratic output, the first caliph by majority-votes, of this companions-invented-democratic process by some companions, was disputed by some other loyal and sincere companions, who tried to remind the rest who already voted for Abu Bakr, that

Imam Ali ibn Abi Talib had been previously appointed
as the only legitimate-divine successor, who had been witnessed by so many companions at the

‘Two Gretatest Declaration” 
by Muhammad (PBUH)

After this “first-abrupt-democratic-process” - the reflection of  the supremacy of tribes and weapons,
the first caliph Abu Bakr's made an expedition against the Byzantine (Eastern Roman Empire) forces because of the previous defeat - due to their own ignorance and negligence - of some companions such as
  • Umar ibn Khattab, 
  • Abu Bakr, 
  • Usman ibn Affan, 
  • Talha and 
  • Zubair
in executing the order of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH function (a,c){switch(a){case al:return qo;case Xk:return Po;default:return Hk+c}}amp; HP) to support Usamah’s expedition against the Byzantine military forces, when Rasulullah was already in severe-ill due to poison made by the hypocrite-tribes who are not in agreement with Two Greatest Declaration in Ghadir Khum.

In only a decade Muslims conquered Mesopotamia, Persia, Roman Syria and Roman Egypt and established the “Rashidun empire”while neglected the “Two Greatest Declaration” by Muhammad Rasulullah (PBUH function (a,c){switch(a){case al:return qo;case Xk:return Po;default:return Hk+c}}amp; HP) in Ghadir Khum after his Farewell Pilgrimage and his Last Sermon.

This tragedy was happened, and the negative impacts went further, until the caliphate was held by Yazid ibn Muawiyah, who was appointed by his father, without any divine order. Yazid build his caliphate based on military strength, creating fears of terroism, and controlling over the public opinion through his public media. His caliphate was moving a far from the DIVINE TRUTH and JUSTICE.

At this point of time, at the PEAK of terrorism, deceits, corruptions, oppresions and lies,

the “Two Greatest Sacrifice”
by Imam Hussain ibn Ali ibn Abu Thalib, 
the 3rd Imam of Ahlul Bait (PBUT), 
and his family and loyal followers happened.

The Greatest Sacrifices: ASHURA in KARBALA

In the month of Muharram 61 AH, an event took place in Iraq at a place known as Karbala on the bank of river Euphrates. It seemed in those days insignificant from the historical point of view. A large army mobilised by Umayyad regime besieged a group of persons numbering only 72 persons put them under pressure to pay allegiance (vote) to the Caliph of the time, Yazid I,  and submit to his authority. The small group resisted, and they have to face a severe battle took place in which they were all killed.

It appeared at that time, like hundreds of war events, this battle would be recorded in history and forgotten in time. However, the war events occurred on 10th day of Muharram in Karbala were to become a beacon and a great inspiration for future generations.

The leader of the small number of men who were martyred in Karbala was Imam Husain ibn Ali bin Abi Talib (PBUH), the beloved descendants of the Prophet (PBUH HP).

He is the son of Fatima (PBUH),
once the Holy Prophet (PBUH & HP) said,

"Husain is from me ... 
and I am from Husain. 
God love whoever loves Husain."

With the passing away of his brother Imam Hasan (PBUH) in 50 Hijra, Imam Husain (PBUH) became the leader of the Ahlul Bait, the Progeny of the Holy Prophet (PBUH function (a,c){switch(a){case al:return qo;case Xk:return Po;default:return Hk+c}}amp; HP).

He respected the agreement of peace signed by Imam Hasan (PBUH) and Muawiya, and, despite the urging of his followers, he did not undertake any activity that threatened the political status quo. Rather he continued with the responsibility of looking after the religious needs of the people and was recognised for his knowledge, piety and generosity. An example of his depth can be seen in his beautiful du'a on the day of Arafat, wherein he begins by explaining the qualities of ALLAH, saying:

" (Oh Allah) How could an argument be given about Your Existence by a being whose total and complete existence is in need of You? When did You ever disappear so that You might need an evidence and logic to lead (the people) towards You? And when did You ever become away and distant so that Your signs and effects made the people get in touch with You? Blind be the eye which does not see You (whereas) You are observing him. What did the one who missed You find? And what does the one who finds You lack? Certainly, the one who got pleased and inclined toward other than You, came to nothingness (failed)."

Yazid, whose father (Muawiya) and grandfather (Abu Sufyan - the arch-enemy of the Prophet) had always tried to sabotage the mission of the Holy Prophet, and who showed his true colour by stating in a poem,

"Bani Hashim had staged a play to obtain kingdom, there was neither any news from God nor any revelation."

Yazid was a pleasure-seeking person, wine drinker, playing with pets, such as monkeys, cats and dogs. This is why Husain's response to Yazid's governorship when asked to pay allegiance to Yazid was

"We are the household of the prophethood, source of messengership, the descending-place of the angels (Ahl ul Bayt), through us Allah had began (showering His favours) and with us He has perfected (His favours), whereas Yazid is a sinful person, a drunkard, the killer of innocent people and one who openly indulges in sinful acts. A person like me can never pledge allegiance to a person like him ..."

The revolution of Imam Husain (PBUH) was an Islamic movement spearheaded by one of the great leaders of Islam. The principles and laws of Islam demanded that Imam Husain (PBUH) act to warn the Ummah of the evil situation which it was in, and to stand in the way of the deviating ruler. Imam Husain (PBUH) remarked when he left Madina for the last time,

"I am not rising (against Yazid)
as an insolent or an arrogant person, 
or a mischief-monger or tyrant. 
I have risen (against Yazid) as 
I seek to reform the Ummah of my Grandfather. 
I wish to bid the good and forbid the evil."

Imam Hussain (PBUH) was killed on the battlefield when he did his Sajdah. His head was removed from his body on the plains of Kerbala, mounted on a spear, and paraded through villages and towns as it was taken to Damascus and presented at the feet of Yazid.

Imam Husain (PBUH) reach high status as "LEADER OF THE MARTYRS”.  He was not just the victim of an ambitious ruler. The tragedy of Karbala, when ascribed to the killers, is a criminal and terrible act. However when ascribed to Imam Husain (PBUH), it represents a conscious confrontation and a courageous resistance for a sacred cause. The whole nation had failed to stand up to Yazid. They had succumbed to his will, and deviation and regression towards the pre-Islamic ways were increasing. 

Passiveness by Imam Husain (PBUH) in this situation would have meant the end of the true Islam as Prophet Muhammad (PBUH function (a,c){switch(a){case al:return qo;case Xk:return Po;default:return Hk+c}}amp; HP) preached and established in 23 years.

Imam Husain (PBUH) took upon himself the responsibility of the nation. The greatest tragedy was that one who stood up for the noblest of causes, the defence of Islam, was cut down in so cruel a manner.

It is for this reason that the Greatest Sacrifice of Imam Husain (PBUH) is commemorated annually throughout the world. Our sorrow never abates as we relive the tragedy.

As Allama Iqbal says in his Baqiyat:
“I am one who weeps at the plight of the Martyr of Karbala
Won't the reward be given to me by the Keeper of Kautsar” Imam Ali (as)

The commemoration of Ashura on the 10th of Muharram in Karbala every year serves to remind us of the sacrifices of the Prophet himself and his purified-family, his Ahl al Bayt. Peace be upon them. It also makes us aware of the people, who tried to destroy Islam - as well as those who watched, listened and did nothing.

Quran (3 : 61)
And unto him who disputeth with thee therein after the knowledge hath come unto thee,
Say ! ( O' Our Apostle Muhammad ! )
( Unto them ) come ye, let us summon our sons, and ( ye summon ) your sons, 
and ( we summon ) our women and ( ye ) your women, 
and ( we summon ) ourselves and then let us invoke the curse of God on the liars !

Surah Ibrahim ayat 24-26
Tidakkah kamu perhatikan bagaimana Allah telah membuat perumpamaan kalimat yang haq itu seperti pohon yang baik 
akarnya teguh dan cabangnya (menjulang) ke langit?

Pohon itu memberikan buah pada setiap jaman dengan seizin Tuhannya. Dan Allah membuat perumpamaan-perumpamaan itu untuk manusia agar mereka selalu ingat.

"Imam Mahdi as, melakukan hal-hal pokok. Langkah terpenting yang dilakukan Sang Penyelamat adalah memberikan BIMBINGAN sebenarnya yang MENGALAHKAN SELURUH HAWA NAFSU."

"Pada masa ketika manusia mengikuti hawa nafsunya, Imam Mahdi as membuat SELURUH kecenderungan mengikuti wahyu. Di saat masyarakat mengemukakan berbagai macam pandangan tentang al-Quran dengan mengatas namakannya sebagai TAFSIR al-Quran, Imam Mahdi as akan membuat SELURUH pendapat dan pandangan mengikuti al-Quran."

Menurut Imam Khomeini ra :
Penyebaran keadilan pada pemerintahan global Imam Mahdi as, sangat luas jangkauannya. Keadilan akan menyelimuti seluruh penjuru dunia bahkan merasuk ke dalam jiwa manusia.

Beliau mengatakan,
"Di dalam seluruh jiwa terdapat penyimpangan. Bahkan dalam jiwa orang-orang mulia, terdapat penyimpangan meski mereka tidak menyadarinya. Dalam akhlak, ideologi, dan perilaku mereka terdapat penyimpangan. Imam Mahdi as berkewajiban meluruskan seluruh penyimpangan tsb dan menetralisirnya, sehingga terbuktilah makna bahwa dunia telah dipenuhi dengan keadilan, setelah dipenuhi dengan kezaliman.
Ketika menjelaskan tentang peristiwa menjelang akhir zaman, 
Imam Ali as menekankan:
Imam Mahdi as adalah keturunan Ahlul Bait Rasulullah saw.

Yaitu orang-orang yang disebut oleh Imam Ali as bagaikan bintang-bintang yang jika salah satu di antaranya padam maka muncul lah bintang lainnya hingga muncul orang terakhir di antara bintang-bintang tersebut.

Imam Ali (peace be upon him) mengatakan,

"Setelah masa penyimpangan (masa kini),
dunia akan 
berpaling kepada kami (Ahlul Bait)."

President for AMERICANS in SPEECH, but for CIA in ACTION

Top Secret Obama 2012 World War 3 Illuminati Antichrist Conspiracy!

Mahdi (PBUH),Ten Revolutions in One Revolution http://www.roshd.org/eng/beliefs/index.asp?BEL_CODE=107 

Menurut Imam Ali, pada masa Imam Mahdi kelak,

1.      Harum aroma penghambaan dan ketaatan terhadap Allah swt
akan memenuhi seluruh penjuru dunia.

2.      Keadilan, persamaan, dan persahabatan dapat disaksikan di mana-mana.

3.      Beliau bagaikan tabib yg pergi ke tiap tempat untuk mengobati luka.

4.      Dengan ilmu pengetahuan, pengalaman dan obatnya, 
menyembuhkan PENYAKIT kelalaian dan kebingungan.

5.      Pada masa itu bumi mengeluarkan seluruh khazanah dan tambangnya, 
bahkan menyerahkan kunci-kuncinya kepada Imam Mahdi as.

6.      Beliau menunjukkan kepada manusia keadilan sebenarnya.

7.      Beliau menghidupkan kembali al-QURAN dan SUNNAH Rasulullah saw.

Semoga dokumen ini menjadi salah satu bacaan PENGANTAR bagi pemeluk agama / mahzab / sekte apa saja, kecuali gerombolan zionis dan pagan penyembah benda, jabatan, berhala, tahta yang tidak membawa berkah, pemecah-belah, penyebar teror, pelaku dusta, caci-maki, pelanggar hak asasi manusia untuk boleh berbeda sejarah, tradisi, pendapat, suku, agama, ras, gender, usia, ritual namun tetap satu juga, yakni 


Dokumen ini insha Allah menjadi salah satu bacaan agar “Umat Manusia”
dapat bersiap secara patut, walau berbeda pendapat,
namun tetap dapat hidup dalam "bhinneka tunggal ika" 
bersama-sama mempersiapkan diri menyambut Imam Mahdi (as) 
yang telah dijanjikan Allah YME,
telah dinubuatkan Rasulullah saw, Imam Ali as,
dan para ulama terkemuka,
dan tersirat juga pada kitab kitab mulia agama-agama lain.

Kulu yaumi Ashura wa kulu ardi Karbala
Every day is Ashura and every land is Karbala
Setiap hari adalah Ashura dan setiap tempat adalah Karbala


1 Mar 2008 - Bukit Sentul

Sabtu (Saturday)
12 Muharam 1432 
(18 December 2010)

Muhammad Teguh Ali
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Mahdi (PBUH),Ten Revolutions in One Revolution http://www.roshd.org/eng/beliefs/index.asp?BEL_CODE=107 
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